The Healthy Air Campaign is tackling the public health crisis caused by air pollution.

Every year, it is estimated that 29,000 premature deaths are caused by poor air quality in the UK. For those affected, air pollution reduces life expectancy by an average of over eleven years.

This is nearly 5% of all annual UK deaths – but amazingly, there is very little awareness of the problem, making air pollution an invisible public health crisis that affects much of the UK.

Air pollution is bad news for everyone. Groups such as children, older people and people with asthma are particularly vulnerable, and low-income and ethnic minority groups are also disproportionately affected.

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Is it legal?

No, the UK is breaking the law with its current air pollution levels. Air quality plans for 16 regions and cities (including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow) will not comply with legal limits for air quality until 2025; in the case of London not until after 2030.

The European Union (EU) sets legally binding limits for levels of major air pollutants under an ambient air quality directive. If any country in the EU breaches these limits, they potentially face huge fines from the European Commission. The UK government is currently in breach of these limits but has been using delaying tactics to avoid fines, rather than tackle the problem head on.

A legal action brought by ClientEarth in 2011 forced the government to admit it was breaking EU law on nitrogen dioxide. The ClientEarth site has the latest updates on the case.

We aim to encourage behaviour that helps cut air pollution and our exposure to it. We also need to persuade government to take action so that the UK fully complies with legal limits for air quality.


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