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Campaigners call for bold political action on clean air

1 September 2023

The Healthy Air Coalition has written to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition in response to recent debates about clean air zones. Following discussion of the use and effectiveness of clean air zones as a tool for cleaning up the UK’s air, the Healthy Air Coalition is calling for political leaders to follow the evidence on this issue.…

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It’s time for stronger laws for cleaner air

14 April 2021

Air pollution affects everyone, from the womb to old age, but is particularly dangerous for the most vulnerable individuals, including children, older people and those with existing health problems. They can also suffer the greatest exposure to air pollution, alongside outdoor and transport workers, people from deprived backgrounds and ethnic minorities. We have the opportunity to become world leaders in…

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Improvements to London’s Congestion Charge

20 July 2020

London’s Congestion Charge has been a key step towards improving public health. Yet, it is clear that more ambition is needed, as the health of people living and working in London continues to be harmed by illegal and harmful levels of air pollution. As recent polling from Transport & Environment has again confirmed, the majority of Londoners want to see ambitious action…

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The British public, health organisations and MPs demand urgent action on air pollution

14 October 2019

A growing coalition of leading health, transport and environment organisations, including the British Heart Foundation, the British Lung Foundation and ClientEarth, has ramped up pressure on the government to act on clean air, demanding new clean air laws in the imminent Environment Bill. The Bill is expected to be announced in the Queen’s speech on 14 October and introduced later this…

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