The Battersea Society

Transport is a major concern – and we have long agitated for improvements to Clapham junction station and improvements to local bus services. We are now finding out about the air quality in our area and the connection with road transport. We are working with LSx who are supporting us in measuring local air pollution. We hope to identify hot spots and a plan of action to tackle these.

About us

The Battersea Society was founded in 1970 when a small group got together to campaign successfully against the proposed demolition of Albert Bridge. The same group was active in opposing a threat to raze Battersea Square – the historic centre of old Battersea – to the ground, and a central part of the campaign to prevent vast swathes of north and south Battersea from disappearing under the proposed inner London ring road.

Over the years the society has been involved in many such campaigns, speaking out against the closure of the original Wandsworth Museum, supporting moves to keep the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, and was one of the many voices speaking out forcefully against the plans for a forty-two story ‘Twin Towers’ in Clapham Junction which would have entirely overshadowed the human scale of this part of Battersea.

Our tireless planning committee keeps an eye on all major (and minor) developments and makes objections to the council where it’s felt to be necessary – not because the Society is against change – that’s always inevitable in an expanding, dynamic, living community- but because we want those changes to be for Battersea’s benefit, and not simply to swell the profits of the developer.

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Main focus of activity

Local community

Main goal

Localised issue

Operational level

Community: geographical e.g. school, neighbourhood, friends of a park

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)


Planned action

Local campaigning
Media outreach
Holding public meeting
Letter/complaint to Councillor
Letter/complaint to local authority
Letter/complaint to MP

Actions taken so far

Local campaigning
Media outreach
Holding public meeting

Additional areas of interest

Road safety
Sustainable transport
Public health
Social justice

Sharing and support

Help offered
Sharing of experiences
Advice on dealing with the local authority

Help needed
Air quality technical advice
Public health advice
Transport advice
Campaigning advice
Help writing consultation responses/letters/press releases
Loan of monitoring equipment