Save Our Storrington

Storrington’s poor air quality is a direct result of excessive traffic through a centre which does not have any viable alternate route – in excess of 18,000 vehicles per day. The village is used as a by-pass to avoid congestion on major routes to the east and south. SOS have been active in opposing large scale developments, both retail and residential, that would inevitably lead to an increase in pollution through increased traffic. While local planning and traffic authorities are attempting to improve air quality, it is our contention that there should be a moratorium at the very least on further developments until a significant reduction in levels of pollution can be demonstrated. To date (March 2014) an Air Quality Action Plan has yet to be finalised.

We have particular experience of arguing our case at a public planning inquiry under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF 2012) and the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG 6/3/2014), both published by Department for Communities and Local Government. A planning consultant and planning inspector have advised us. Air quality comes under Defra and few if any of the 400 traffic related AQMAs have been successfully resolved by local planning authorities, hence UK in breach of EU AQ Directive. We believe there is a disconnect between the duties of Defra for AQ and the DCLG for planning and this should be addressed in a judicial review.

About us

Save our Storrington has been active in campaigning for radical improvements in air quality since October 2011. Storrington’s pollution levels having been deemed excessive in 2008, a section of the village was declared an AQMA in 2010.




Twitter: @SOStorrington

Main focus of activity

Traffic, particularly in respect of its generating high levels of pollution in the village, resulting in the declaration of an AQMA.

Main goal

Our principal focus is on our own AQMA

Operational level


Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)


Actions taken so far

Local campaigning
Online campaigning
Media outreach
Responding to public consultations
Holding public meeting
Legal advice
Communication with Councillor
Communication with local authority
Communication with MP
Communication with MEP
Website with regular briefings, social media posts

Additional areas of interest

Road safety
Sustainable transport
Public health
Social justice
Environmental justice
Environment and conservation

Sharing and support

Help offered:
Sharing of experiences
Air quality technical advice
Planning advice
Transport advice

Help needed:
Legal advice with respect to planning law

Photo credit: Malcolm Oakley (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0  via Wikimedia Commons