Mossley Environmental Action Group

We are exposed to dust emissions (and noise) from waste wood recycling. Waste wood is contaminated and wood dust is Group 1 carcinogen with asbestos since 1995. Current legislation allows this carcinogenic dust to affect residents as a nuisance up to 200mg/m2/day. Communities across the country are experiencing similar health issues from this industry. Is there a connection? Mossley residents have complained since 1996 to local government who have not acted, and to the EA since 2008 yet the dust and noise continues.

About us

Mossley Environmental Action Group (MEAG) have now undertaken independent dust testing in several communities across the country and further undertaken a Citizen Science Investigation, due for release by August. This highlights the contradictions in existing legislation and inadequacies of monitoring techniques which do not quantify or identify toxic dust emissions, therefore there is no proof of no harm.

Contact: Donna Liley

Phone: 07939 848 994


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Main focus of activity

Air pollution

Main goal

Update/change of government regulations for dust nuisance that are 30 years old.

Operational level

Community: non-geographical/shared-interest
Correspond with USA, Romania, South Africa campaign groups

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)

The nearest one is about 6 mile away.

Actions taken so far

Local campaigning
Online campaigning
Media outreach
Communication with Councillor
Communication with local authority
Communication with MP
Communication with national government
Communication with MEP
Global contacts / liaison

Actions planned

Holding public meeting

Additional areas of interest

Public health
Social justice
Environmental justice
Environment and conservation

Sharing and support

Help offered:
Sharing of experiences
Advice on working with the local authority
Air quality technical advice
Public health advice
Campaigning advice

Help needed:
Sharing of experiences
Air quality technical advice
Public health advice
Campaigning advice
Help writing consultation responses/letters/press releases
Loan of monitoring equipment
Local volunteers
Financial support
Help with report presentation

Photo credit: Richard Brierley CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons