Maxine Hubbard

Since moving to our flat in the housing association 10 years ago there was a redevelopment of the local Tesco supermarket where they expanded the car parking and retail area. This also involved adding a new mini bus station and reconfiguring the local junction that passes right outside our ground floor flat. The change has resulted in an increase of traffic including the number of bus services that pass through the area. It has also meant that traffic lights installed right by our living room window cause vehicles to idle outside of our flat. All of this has increased the levels of air pollution that we are exposed to. We are a disabled couple and are not able to get out much due to our health conditions. However, the fumes from the traffic make it intolerable to be in the house due to the smell, bad air and the fact that we can’t open the windows or have a source of fresh air to let in. Our house is covered in diesel spots which was confirmed by the council’s housing officer.

He has been helping us to ask the housing association to relocate us to a flat where we can open windows and enjoy being at home. The housing association has admitted that the air quality is not good but we are finding it hard to get them to commit.

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