Mabley Green Users Group

Our park is bordered on the south by the busy A12 and on the north by Homerton High Street. So air and noise pollution are a problem for park users and residents. We are at early stages of awareness but would like to see how we can help improve air pollution in the area and see what the council can do to help.

About us

Mabley Green Users Group is a group for local residents who want to help make Mabley Green the best greenspace for the local community. We have ambitions to be the largest edible park in the world.

Person to contact: Damian




Twitter: @mableygreener

Main focus of activity

Community green space

Main goal

Localised issue

Operational level

Community: geographical e.g. school, neighbourhood, friends of a park

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)


Actions taken so far

Letter/complaint to Councillor

Additional areas of interest

Public health
Environment and conservation

Sharing and support

Help offered
Sharing of experiences

Help needed
Sharing of experiences
Air quality technical advice
Public health advice
Planning advice