Kensal Rise Residents Association

Over the years we have noticed the steady increase in traffic from Chamberlain Rd. Kensal Rise Residents Association has been in touch with Brent Highways Committee in March this year, and the rationale for this was to ask the Council to develop a traffic management strategy to address the long-standing problems of congestion, poor road safety, noise and air pollution in Kensal Rise.

Unfortunately the Council dismissed this document, which captures residents’ concerns, along with a petition signed by 237 residents. It for this reason why we – Kensal Rise residents – need your help and are very grateful that you have agreed to help!

As mentioned, we would be very interested in both the data you can source to help us build a fact base on air quality for the area, the placement of diffusion tubes in the area to measure the quality of air, as well as the personal pollution monitors you referred to. I am sure that we would be able to gather a sizeable base of volunteers for the personal monitor tests!

Briefly, just to recap our strategy in so far as addressing air pollution is concerned, is to:

  • Develop an informed understanding of the quality of the air in our area, which is backed by quantitative data; and
  • Use this information to inform / educate and engage stakeholders (residents, parents of school children, the Council, etc) and influence key decision makers, mainly the Council and Transport for London, to take the necessary steps to address any air quality problems / issues that your research may identify.

About us

Kensal Rise Residents Association want to encourage community relationships and put the village back into Kensal Rise

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Residents association

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Community: geographical e.g. school, neighbourhood, friends of a park

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)

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Local campaigning
Letter/complaint to Councillor
Letter/complaint to local authority

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Media outreach
Holding public meeting
Letter/complaint to Councillor
Letter/complaint to local authority

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Road safety

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Sharing of experiences

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Sharing of experiences
Air quality technical advice
Public health advice
Transport advice
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Help writing consultation responses/letters/press releases
Loan of monitoring equipment
Free campaign resources