ClientEarth are the legal driving force behind the Healthy Air Campaign beacuse air pollution is the UK’s invisible killer. We believe that together we can ensure that we all breathe safe, unpolluted air.

Our vision:

An Earth where people can achieve their full potential within a diverse, resilient biosphere.

Our mission:

We use law as a tool to mend the relationship between human societies and the Earth. We work in Europe and beyond, bringing together law, science and policy to create practical solutions to key environmental challenges.

We value:

Possibility – The belief that societies’ relationship with the natural world can and must be changed, and that law is an appropriate and effective tool to do so.Strategy. A strategic vision which offers practical solutions.

Boldness – The audacity, courage, passion and resolve to challenge the status quo – to promote,
defend and ultimately gain acceptance for new ideas.

The power of law – Between the strong and the weak only law can level the playing field.

Creativity – The freedom, time, trust and tools to allow entrepreneurial thinking and development of novel ideas and approaches to problems.

Adaptability – The nimbleness to seize opportunities as they arise, consistent with our strategic vision: Transparency, participation, collaboration. Openness and involvement in decision making,
collaboration with colleagues and with other organisations.