Year of Air 2013 must not go up in smoke: we put forward demands to Lord de Mauley

The EU has declared that 2013 will be the ‘Year of Air’ – paving the way for a much needed overhaul of EU air pollution laws. However, the UK Government has publicly stated that it will use this to try to and reduce its risk of being sued for breaching air quality standards. Defra Minister Lord de Mauley has a responsibility for air quality in the UK and we need to ensure that the UK supports progress in the upcoming legislative processes rather than lobbying for legal protections to be weakened.

The Healthy Air Campaign is part of an alliance of 18 European environmental organisations urging for tighter limit values and closing of loopholes.

Campaign partners from the health, transport and environment sectors look forward to meeting with Lord de Mauley on the 28th January. We hope he is ready to step up action on air quality and implement much needed policy measures such as a national framework of low emission zones to keep the most polluting diesel vehicles out of our city centres.

We are sending Lord de Mauley this card in advance of our meeting to urge him to face up to this serious health risk and take appropriate action.

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