The Black Carbon Campaign was established by Environmental Protection UK and taken on by ClientEarth in 2012 along with the Healthy Air Campaign. The two campaigns have since been merged in recognition of the shared aim to encourage government to drastically reduce the use of diesel.

In April 2012 we held a Black Carbon Summit to gather experts from central government, NGOs, academia, environmental consultancies, local government and the emissions abatement sector. The summit first explored the scientific background and policy context before assessing the black carbon abatement opportunities. It was concluded that abatement of black carbon emissions is clearly both necessary and technically feasible with current technology. However, in order for emission reductions to take place international agreements need to be in place, the UK Government must have a proper strategy for emission abatement, and local authorities (and their partners) need drivers to implement abatement measures.

Read the Black Carbon Summit report here.

View the Black Carbon Summit presentations from Black Carbon Campaign, King’s College London, Johnson Matthey and Greater London Authority.

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