We welcome new partner the UK Health Forum

We are pleased to announce that the UK Health Forum are the latest addition to the Healthy Air Campaign. CEO Paul Lincoln says this on the subject:

“Air pollution needs more attention, it poses a serious threat to our health and can’t be ignored any longer. UKHF supports the Healthy Air Campaign to raise the profile of this issue and call for meaningful action, which will go towards preventing key public health issues such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, health inequalities and climate change.”

The UK Health Forum is a charitable alliance of professional and public interest organisations working to contribute to the prevention of the avoidable non-communicable diseases – coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer respiratory diseases and vascular dementia. When you consider how many of these diseases have strong links to air pollution it’s clear how valuable and relevant they will be as a partner.

We’re delighted to have their support.


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