Video Resources


The Healthy Air film

It takes only three minutes to get informed.


Black Carbon film

A short animation from Soot Free for the Climate that explains the effects of black carbon (or soot, which is a constituent of particulate matter) on our health and climate and shows what you can do about it.



Breathe project

Artist Dryden Goodwin created this powerful video artwork from over a thousand pencil drawings of his son’s breathing. In October 2012 it was projected on St Thomas’ Hospital, to be clearly seen from the Houses of Parliament.



Healthy Air Campaign film

This film gives a great overview of the issue of air pollution, taking us from the London smogs of the 1950s to the present day health crisis. Giving the perspective of children, parents, scientists and politicians this film should be your first port of call in understanding more about air quality.


photo by: NASA HQ PHOTO

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