ClientEarth’s legal case on air quality

ClientEarth’s Legal Case ClientEarth, a member of the Healthy Air Campaign, has taken the UK Government to court over the country’s illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide, a harmful pollutant that mainly comes from diesel vehicles. Here, we look at the legal case and what it could mean for the air we breathe in the UK. Read more →

Contacting your MP

Writing to your MP If you are campaigning on air pollution, locally or nationally, you should consider contacting your MP. Here are a few things to remember when contacting your MP. The best way to contact your MP is to write them a letter or send them an email. To find out who your MP Read more →

Which transport option is the healthiest? – Video

Which transport option is the healthiest? – Video

Transport is the main contributor to air pollution in our cities, and how we move around in them can have huge consequences for how much air pollution we are exposed to. The Healthy Air Campaign teamed up with King’s College London, Read more →

Guide to European legal actions for clean air

Guide to European legal actions for clean air

The European Clean Air campaign has produced an online resource for citizens, NGOs, local authorities, policy and decision makers to access information about legal actions on air pollution across Europe. You will find current proceedings against other European member states, completed or ongoing legal cases in connection with violations to the Air Quality Directive, and current developments related to the air pollution control measures. Read more →

Your practical guide to EU air quality law

Your practical guide to EU air quality law

Our right to clean air is enshrined in EU law. So in theory, EU citizens could take their national governments to court to demand they take action to clean our air. In reality, this is a difficult undertaking. ClientEarth has created a straightforward, easy to use guide to EU law with practical tips on how it can be used to fight for clean air whether you are a concerned citizen, an experienced campaigner or an environmental lawyer. Read more →

Event invitation: Can we breathe clean air without a national network of low emission zones?

Event invitation: Can we breathe clean air without a national network of low emission zones?

Event invitation: Can we breathe clean air without a national network of low emission zones? We would like to invite you to an event to discuss the case for a national network of low emission zones. On the 20th February 2014 the European Commission launched infringement action against the UK over its failure to comply Read more →

Air pollution – a key public health issue

Air pollution – a key public health issue

The Healthy Air Campaign is calling for the health impacts of air pollution to be recognised and addressed.

Robust scientific evidence exists on the health impacts of air pollution, and yet this health risk has consistently been neglected. Never have public health professionals been better equipped to tackle the problem Read more →

Older resources

Retrofit guidance

Retrofit guidance

Retrofit guidance

This guide provides basic information on the reduction of particulate matter emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment (‘retrofit exhaust abatement’). It sets out why operators of diesel vehicles and equipment may want to reduce particulate emissions and provides information on the technical options available for emission reduction.

This guide covers ‘diesel vehicles and equipment’, which includes any mobile item with a diesel engine. For example, emissions from lorries, buses, cars, railway locomotives, inland ships, agricultural machinery and construction equipment can all be addressed.

This guide is intended to be a starting point for those looking at black carbon and particulate matter abatement. Readers who require more information are provided with links to sources of further guidance.

Local air quality management consultation

We are asking as many people as possible to object to government’s proposals which would remove the need for local authorities to monitor air quality and declare areas where it is a problem. We’ve set out why we’re worried and what you can do here [link] but if you want more detail on the background Read more →

Consultation response: Local Air Quality Management in England: review

We write on behalf of the Healthy Air Campaign in response to the above consultation. The Healthy Air Campaign is a broad coalition of organisations which support the need for urgent action to improve air quality. Read more →

Help us to tackle air pollution in your area

The air in your neighbourhood could be harming your health. You can take action now. To get you started, we’ve developed some resources which set out all the basic facts about air pollution in London and what you can do about it. Read more →

Day-to-day resources

Here we provide links to a few resources that can help you manage your everyday exposure to air pollution. Read more →

Ones to watch

We’ve found some of the most useful and informative videos about tackling air pollution available on the net, and gathered them here. Read more →

Reports and studies

If you’re ready to get into the detail, the reports and studies featured here give you lots of useful background. Read more →

Resources for business

The support of the business community is crucial in the battle against air pollution. Here we have begun to compile resources to help business leaders make the difference. Read more →

Public health resources

Public health resources NICE Guidance on walking and cycling Walking and cycling are vital to achieve increased levels of physical activity, but also to reduce the health impacts of traffic pollution. The evidence is unquestionable and yet government’s response to date has been sluggish. The Healthy Air Campaign welcomes this NICE guidance and hopes it Read more →

Download the Primary Education Packdownload_iii

(It includes instructions on how schools can send in their own stories, so they can be shared with other schools on our blog. Together we can learn how to make our air healthy!)

Read more about children’s health and air pollution here →

Download our local campaigns guidedownload_iii

Simple steps you can take to see if air pollution is a problem where you live and if it is, how you can tackle it.

Whether you’ve got two minutes to send an email or the time to run your own Healthy Air event, there’s advice on how to campaign for healthier air where you live.

Together we can make Healthy Air!

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