People with asthma

People with asthma are particularly vulnerable to air pollution, which can make symptoms worse and trigger attacks.

Air pollution and asthma

Air pollution and asthma

The link between air pollution and asthma exacerbations is well established. Here we highlight some of the studies that evaluate the extent to which air pollution causes the onset of asthma. Read more →

Malachi Chadwick, Cyclist

Malachi Chadwick, Cyclist

Meet Malachi – He moved to London 3 years ago. He loves cycling and rides his bike to work and to meet friends across London. Read more →

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asthma-uk-asideAsthma UK is a partner of the Healthy Air Campaign: “We believe that pollution plays a role in causing asthma in children and adults, as well as being a trigger that can make people’s asthma symptoms worse. Two-thirds of people with asthma tell us that traffic fumes make their asthma worse and 42% find that traffic fumes discourage them from walking or shopping in congested areas. And 85% of people with asthma tell us they are concerned about the effect that increasing vehicle fumes will have on their and their family’s health in the future.”

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