What can you do?

If we want to make sure our air is unpolluted and healthy we need the government to act and we can help make that happen. We can also take action ourselves to reduce our exposure to pollution and cut our contribution to it.

What can government do?

It’s extremely important that we all contribute to solving the problem. But government hold the most important levers within their control and have a responsibility to step up and provide the action we need for cleaner air.

The Healthy Air Campaign is pushing for the government to take a range of actions to improve our air. You can help us build the pressure we need to improve our air.

What next?

A good first step is to sign up to voice your support for the Healthy Air Campaign. Low public awareness is one of the reasons government don’t prioritise the issue so it’s important to demonstrate that we know and we care.


Download the Primary Education Packdownload_iii

(It includes instructions on how schools can send in their own stories, so they can be shared with other schools on our blog. Together we can learn how to make our air healthy!)

Read more about children’s health and air pollution here →

Download our local campaigns guidedownload_iii

Simple steps you can take to see if air pollution is a problem where you live and if it is, how you can tackle it.

Whether you’ve got two minutes to send an email or the time to run your own Healthy Air event, there’s advice on how to campaign for healthier air where you live.

Together we can make Healthy Air!

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