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Speak out against air pollution

Take a few minutes to let the European Commission know that you want Healthy Air.

2013 is the Year of Air and EU air quality policy is due to be reviewed in the autumn. The European Commission are consulting on policy options for this review and it’s really important that as many people as possible send a strong message in support of ambitious policies to protect us from the increasingly evident health impacts of air pollution.

We have written guidance to explain the background to the questions, outline the implications of the policy options, and make it as easy as possible for you to respond. We are extremely worried about the regressive stance of the UK government in this review, who are calling for weakening of existing legal protections  – and we need a strong voice from the public to oppose this approach.

Click here to respond to the consultation (questionnaire 1 unless you are an expert on EU air policy), and read our step by step guidance here.

While you’re about it, you could also sign up to the Healthy Air Campaign and add your voice to our growing community of supporters.

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    I suffer from the lung condition COPD and live in the London borough of Greenwich near to an area which regularly suffers from high air pollution. I am extremely worried about the quality of air in London. I have no choice but to live here due to my husband’s job. My children attend school here too. I do not want my children to get pollution related illness or my life expectancy to be reduced by it. Please safeguard our air quality. PS I have never smoked in my life the COPD /asthma I have are not caused by smoking.

    • Maria Arnold says:

      Dear Ros

      Thanks very much for leaving a comment, and I’m really sorry to hear about your condition. We are doing all we can to try to raise awareness of this issue so people can protect themselves and also support action to change the situation.

      Public opinion is one of the things that can really help persuade government to act, and so responding to the consultation, signing up to the campaign and telling people you know will all help.

  2. Dott Peterson says:

    The air pollution in London is horrendous & most definitely hazardous to health… I have Asthma which is much worse when I am in london s also my feet & legs are permanently swollen when I am in London …. Add to this the filth & dirt & London is not a nice place to live or work in.

  3. Peter Keith says:

    Since the introduction of wood burning stoves local air quality has deteriorated dramatically. These stoves are supposed to burn 70% of their fuel and disperse the resultant smoke/fume safely to the atmosphere. However they frequently do not live up to their design specifications and the products of combustion fill the local area – there are few days when the area is not filled with the smell of smoke or dust.

    Despite the government policy that ‘no one should be harmed by pollution’ the department of energy considers their procedures to be correct and will not listen to any criticism yet there are an increasing number of people who are needing to visit the Doctor to receive treatment for smoke/ fume related problems.

    The government also advise that ‘Smoke Kills’ and that you should evacuate any building polluted by smoke and fumes. We are also advised to keep fit, take exercise etc. Yet there is no legislation that allows Local Authorities to deal with the problem – they are trying to avoid the issue. A problem of smoke/fumes is considered by the government as a nuisance instead of life threatening and relies on section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act or civil law – but the ‘Average Joe’ will find it very difficult to make a sufficiently strong case to have the problem solved, especially when several installations are involved.

    The government carefully overlook the problem of fumes/products of combustion entering a building. Because of the small particulate size about 70% of the external smell/fume will enter the building depending on local conditions – but the building becomes a confined space and the fumes accumulate increasing the exposure time considerably. Because of the sticky nature of the dust/particulates etc., which area absorbed into the furnishing and fabric, they are very difficult to clean away and can be regurgitated at any time. To try to clear the fumes by opening a window is impractical, not only does it allow MORE fume in but it also caused the house temperature to drop (often to freezing).

    The government is not living up to its commitment to improve air quality, the Local authority are walking away from the problem, The regulations that allow wood burners in smoke control zone are in error when they state there is no conflict with Human Rights – clean air and peaceful enjoyment of your property are being breached.

    If the use of wood burning stoves is to continue, despite the excessive amounts of pollution and carbon, then the design and control must be improved – as must be the legislation that controls their use and complaints – the use of ‘self-certification’ by the installer must not prevent the LA from taking prompt action.

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