Seeking Cleaner Air Champions for London

Healthy Air Campaign partner Sustrans are providing training and support for volunteers and volunteer groups to be champions for clean air in Hackney, Redbridge and Havering. Cleaner Air Champions’ will raise awareness and will help people to take action in their communities to reduce emissions and protect their own health.

Following the same model as the award winning ‘Active Travel Champions’ scheme, it is a great opportunity to gain skills and experience but also to raise awareness of a serious public health issue – which we can all have some part in changing.

The scheme will help volunteers to:

  • Organise events and awareness raising activities
  • Reduce air pollution by helping others to cycle or walk more
  • Improve air quality by building green walls, launching anti-idling campaigns or any other great ideas
  • Protect people’s health by letting people know what actions they can take to avoid areas of poor air quality e.g. promoting walking or cycling routes
    away from busy roads
  • Monitor local air quality

There is also £10,000 of funding available which champions can apply for to fund their initiatives. The project is being delivered by the GLA in partnership with Sustrans and is funded by the Mayor of London. See more information on the project here.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in one of these boroughs, get in touch with the Healthy Air Campaign who can help to arm you with the advice and resources you need to make a difference in your community.

Sign up to the Healthy Air Campaign here.

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