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Children are especially vulnerable to the impacts of breathing polluted air

The traffic outside your children’s school could be making the air in their playground and classroom dangerous to breathe.

A recent US study has found that long-term exposure to pollution from traffic is reducing children’s lung capacity by almost 20%, which has life long health impacts and can reduce life expectancy.

Research carried out across Europe has suggested that up to 30% of all new asthma cases in children are caused by exposure to air pollution.

Unfortunately a lot of schools are built in busy urban areas, next to roads with heavy traffic. Our campaign partner Clean Air in London found out how bad the problem is in London (here’s a map) but a similar story is taking place across the country.

The way we travel to and from school also has an impact. Understandably, many parents take their children to school by car because it’s the most convenient option, but that could be contributing to the pollution outside the school gate and in the playground, especially if the engines are left on while the cars are parked.

Travel to school the healthy air way

Adapting the way we get our kids to school will have a big impact on the amount of air pollution they breathe each day and can help increase fitness too.

Our partner organisations and some local authorities have some fantastic projects promoting low pollution ways to get to school, take a look at these examples:


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Its important that children learn about air pollution, its causes and impacts…have a look at our Campaign page for more general advice on how to cut pollution and you and your family’s exposure to it.

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