Say no to government cover up

Something pretty sinister is happening this summer, veiled in complex technical jargon and acronyms.

Defra, lead government department on air quality, is proposing that we scrap responsibilities for local authorities in England to monitor local air quality and prepare plans to improve it where it is a problem. More detail here.

We’re outraged – this is a classic example of government trying to cover up a problem rather than deal with it head on, and it has potentially disastrous health consequences.

What can you do?

As many people as possible need to respond to this consultation and send a strong message to government that they can’t bury this issue, ignoring the risks to our health.

One simple step would be to write a short response along these lines:



Cc: [add your local MP’s e-mail address]

Subject: Local Air Quality Management – Consultation on options to improve air quality management in England

I am writing in response to the above consultation. I strongly oppose the options set forth in this proposal, particularly options 3 and 4 which both pose a serious threat to air quality. It is vital that local authorities continue to have a duty to assess local air quality and declare Air Quality Management Areas.

Air pollution is a serious health issue in the UK and I would like to see this government take meaningful steps to achieve air quality which doesn’t damage my health.

Yours sincerely

[Add your name]


You could also make use of the consultation response from the Healthy Air Campaign here.

The consultation is fairly complex, but if you wanted to have a go you can chose not to answer all 18 questions. Please note, consultation closes on 13th September.

See media coverage from the Telegraph here.


2 Responses to Say no to government cover up

  1. Ian Gregson says:

    The ability to monitor progress is the fundamental prerequisite to dispassionate analysis of cause and effect.

  2. Caroline eastwood says:

    Please help stop this smell/smoke from junction 25 recycling plant from polluting our AIR ..

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