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NICE Guidance on walking and cycling

Walking and cycling are vital to achieve increased levels of physical activity, but also to reduce the health impacts of traffic pollution. The evidence is unquestionable and yet government’s response to date has been sluggish. The Healthy Air Campaign welcomes this NICE guidance and hopes it will be instrumental in achieving a step change in levels of walking and cycling.

Health and wellbeing boards

This message was circulated to 125 Directors of Public Health by the Association of Directors of Public Health in their November bulletin:

The Healthy Air Campaign is calling on Directors of Public Health to use their influence to bring air pollution into the mainstream public health conversation. Air pollution causes 29,000 premature deaths to each year in the UK at an average loss of life of 11.5 years. This makes poor air quality one of the most serious public health risks facing us today. Air pollution contributes to health inequalities, disproportionately impacting on low-income and ethnic minority groups. The average black-British African person in the UK is exposed to 28% higher levels of the pollutant PM10 than the average urban white person.

Is your Health and Wellbeing Board considering this key public health issue? Please read our briefing on this important issue and find out how we could support you in giving it higher priority.

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