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PM cop out

Julian Huppert MP addressed the following question to David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday:

“Three quarters of a million British people suffer from heart failure, a condition which uses a million hospital beds every year. Research funded by the British Heart Foundation shows that even low levels of air pollution can significantly increase this risk. Will the prime minister commit to meeting European standards on air quality which if implemented, could increase life expectancy by up to 8 months?”

A weak and evasive response from our great leader: “My honorable friend makes an important point about air quality, we have seen real improvements in recent years, and it does make a genuine difference to public health. There are important discussions ongoing in the European Union at the moment particularly about car emissions and I’ll perhaps write to you about our conclusions on these issues.”

We’ll be sure to follow up with Julian Huppert MP to find out what he has to say and feed back.

Watch the clip here at 12:30.

Find out what you can do to tackle air pollution in your local area here.

photo by: Abode of Chaos

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