Londoner’s stories – Frances Davidson

Meet Frances who lives in Islington. She recently shared with us her experience of air pollution in her local area. She suffers from a variety of health problems which she thinks are partly as a result of traffic-related pollution from busy roads.

‘The pollution now is so bad; I get huge problems, I had a collapsed lung 6 weeks ago and often get taken up to the hospital with lung problems.’

Her memories of air pollution go back to the smogs of the 1950s when she remembers getting lost in the thick smog as a child – in her opinion, ‘the same problems are arising now that happened in the fifties, people are getting sick.’

She is particularly fearful of the impact on younger generations, when the long term health impacts of today’s air pollution catch up with children and young people years down the line.
Importantly, she believes that the government needs to be doing much more today to make the air healthier – ‘At least in the fifties they sat up and listened – they said stop the fires.’ While Frances feels there is local government support for action in Islington, she thinks wider support is needed for stronger action to improve air quality throughout London.

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