In London, the legal air quality limits
are broken every year.

London is among the worst cities in Europe for air pollution. It has the highest recorded level of nitrogen dioxide of any capital city in Europe.

The UK and EU set legally binding limits on levels of air pollution based on World Health Organisation guidelines. One or more of these limits has been broken in London every year since they came into effect in 2005. Some areas, such as Brixton Road and Putney High Street, are over three times the legal limits for NO2.

We will be working with people who live, work or study in London to help raise awareness of the importance of healthy air. If you’d like to be involved, or get your local community involved please get in touch. We are interested in what you think – any ideas or suggestions, however big or small!

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Last week to respond to the Mayor of London’s clean air survey

Last week to respond to the Mayor of London’s clean air survey

Londoners have until this Friday 29 July to tell the Mayor he needs to be bold and do all he can to clean up London’s air. The urgency with which the new Mayor seems to be treating tackling air pollution has been widely welcome and is much needed. Read more →

Mayor of London launches clean air survey

Mayor of London launches clean air survey

Just two months into his term as Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has launched the first stage of the consultation on his plans for cleaning up London’s air. Sadiq, who blames developing asthma as an adult on the years of breathing London’s dirty air, promised to make air pollution one of his top Read more →

What’s the air like where I live?

The London Air Quality Network is a comprehensive source of information about air pollution in London. Take a look and see how your local area is performing.

Who’s at risk
in London?

It’s not the same for everyone, certain groups are affected more seriously by London’s poor air quality than others.

Children, older people, people with asthma, cyclists and transport workers are all more likely to be affected by poor air quality.
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Healthy Air London is a community
engagement branch of the Healthy Air Campaign.
We are very grateful to City Bridge Trust
for funding this programme of work.