Help us to tackle air pollution in your area

The air in your neighbourhood could be harming your health. You can take action now.

To get you started, we’ve developed some resources which set out all the basic facts about air pollution in London and what you can do about it.

1.) The Healthy Air film. It takes only three minutes to get informed. (You can find other videos about air pollution on our Youtube channel.)

2.) We have created a leaflet to help you raise awareness of the problem. All the facts, in your hands. Please get in touch if you would like hard copies of the leaflet. We can also work with you to tailor this leaflet to your local area and give you a great tool to spread awareness locally.

3.) We have also created the Healthy Air PowerPoint presentation for you to use. Add your local information to the slides and use the accompanying notes to have a lively and informed debate about the problem and what can be done.

Our Healthy Air London staff are available to support you. Get in touch with Andrea Lee on or 020 7749 5979 to find out more.

8 Responses to Help us to tackle air pollution in your area

  1. We very much want to work on the air quality issue but the South West is not mentioned in the EC legal action. Please advise how we can best tackle this.

    • Sam Page says:

      The levels of NO2 and PM10 regularly exceed safe limits here in Marlborough. One of the main causes of the traffic congestion and resultant pollution is the lack of public transport. Wiltshire Council is now seeking to cut all bus subsidies in our area. Transition Marlborough is holding a public meeting to discuss these issues on Wednesday 10th February at 7.30 pm in Marlborough Town Hall.

  2. The A406 is 20m from my house. Every night, all night traffic thunders past & i breathe. Washing hung out to dry will get black smuts on it…you get the idea. St Raphaels Est NW10.
    Recently i visited Holland.Driving regularly on motorways I was impressed by the huge barriers erected to protect adjacent dwellings from the effects of noise & exhaust emissions. Why haven’t similar measures been implemented here?

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Good question. I can’t answer why more hasn’t been done in the UK to protect homes from the air pollution produced on motorways. Across the board, not nearly enough is being done in the UK to tackle our poor air quality.

      You might find this article interesting – Different groups are raising the profile of ‘green walls’ that could mitigate against emissions from motor traffic.

      You may also want to raise the issue with your MP or local councillor. Contact us at if you’d like to know more about how to influence your elected representatives.

    • Niburu says:

      exhaust is classified as group 2B by the World Health Organization (WHO).

      To give you an idea the pesticide DDT is also classified as 2B by the WHO. Microwave radiation produced by dishes and antennas are also 2B. Not good it is the profits of the big industry that block real regulations. Electric cars (Scalar energy) and fiberglass optics instead of microwave beams are a good start to reduce the air pollution. I hope this information is useful to you.

  3. Scared Amoeba says:

    I can’t help but suspect that if air pollution was naked-eye visible, that we would be taking serious action about it. Because it’s invisible, the Public can easily ignore it and so can the Politicians, who seem more interested in the siren-voices of vested interests.

    • Andrea Lee says:

      Often people do assume that air pollution is not really that bad because it’s no longer like the great smogs of the 50s. But in reality we know that it’s just that the type of pollutants have changed and so have the sources. If you speak to people in towns and cities across the UK it doesn’t take long before somebody does start describing how air pollution does affect their health and there is plenty of scientific evidence supporting this. It’s great that you’re interested and we would encourage you to spread the word about the need to tackle this problem. Thanks!

  4. Peter Chapple says:

    The whole country should be covered by clean air legislation, not just a small number of cities.

    Here in Somerset, there are very few controls on air pollution. I’m sure the air is not as bad here as it is in London, but it could so easily be so much better. Of course, diesel vehicles are part of the problem, but the more obvious sources of pollution here are smoke from domestic sources: coal fires and the ever-increasing number of wood burners in the winter, bonfires in the summer. Sometimes, on returning home from London (courtesy of the stinking, diesel-powered train), I find the air seems worse here – the smoke can be choking.

    We need to move into the 21st century and accept that 19th century ways of living are not appropriate in a country of 65 million.

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