Healthy Air Campaign launches policy call to tackle air pollution across the UK

House of commons

Today, the Healthy Air Campaign has published a set of measures which would improve air quality across the UK. These policies are supported by Healthy Air Campaign partners, and we urge all political parties to commit to implementing them.

As we head towards a UK General Election in 2015, we’ll be telling politicians they need to take action to stop the public health crisis we face from air pollution. The policies we’re campaigning for include a national network of low emission zones, encouraging a modal shift from vehicles to cycling and walking, and introducing an effective warning system for high-pollution events to help vulnerable groups protect their health.

We know that the general public is increasingly alarmed by evidence showing how air pollution causes premature deaths, impairs development in children, and exacerbates respiratory and heart problems. But we’ve seen very little from our politicians to address this. That needs to change.

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Photo Credit: Alex France via Compfight cc

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