A great win! EU court upholds right to breathe clean air

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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has delivered its judgment in ClientEarth’s case on illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide across the UK, and firmly upheld our right to breathe clean air.

The ECJ ruled that the UK must act to clean up illegal levels of air pollution “as soon as possible”. Under current plans the UK will not meet legal limits for nitrogen dioxide until after 2030 – 20 years after the original deadline.

Healthy Air Campaign partners, the British Heart Foundation said, “This judgement means the UK Government is finally being held to account for their breach of air pollution limits.”

ClientEarth’s case will return to the UK Supreme Court for a final ruling next year. This should see the UK Supreme Court ordering the government to take action to meet limits in a much shorter timeframe. This plan would need to drastically cut pollution from diesel vehicles.

That’s why the Healthy Air Campaign’s call for a national network of low emission zones – which would substantially reduce diesel traffic in urban areas – is so important.

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  1. lynda morgan says:

    What about people who burn inappropriate fuel on wood burners in their homes, we have had no clean air inside or outside our home for over a year due to this problem. We have been told as we are not living in a smoke free zone we have to put up with it

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