Communities for Healthy Air

We all have the right to breathe clean air. Use the map below to find out if there is a community group near you that you can join to take action on air pollution. Or perhaps you want to start your own local group and find like-minded people to work with? Or maybe you want to learn from what other people are doing, share your experiences and even provide support to each other.


Putney Society
The Putney Society works to improve the built and natural environments in Putney though we are also involved with matters of community interest such as the health service and policing.


Save Our Storrington
Save our Storrington has been active in campaigning for radical improvements in air quality since October 2011. Storrington’s pollution levels having been deemed excessive in 2008, a section of the village was declared an AQMA in 2010.
Formed in 2011, is the Saffron Walden, Essex based independent community group. Because we love where we live, we care about creating, maintaining and living in healthy, and sustainably growing communities with vitality and verve.


Mossley Environmental Action Group
Mossley Environmental Action Group (MEAG) have now undertaken independent dust testing in several communities across the country and further undertaken a Citizen Science Investigation, due for release by August. This highlights the contradictions in existing legislation and inadequacies of monitoring techniques which do not quantify or identify toxic dust emissions, therefore there is no proof of no harm.


Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire Alliance
Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire is an alliance of local groups and individual campaigners with an interest in improving the air quality in Leicester and Leicestershire. We aim to work together to raise awareness of the problem of air pollution and the link to health and wellbeing, encourage people to make smarter travel choices, and influence policy-makers to take action to reduce air pollution.


Low Carbon East Oxford
We are a local community group running initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of East Oxford. We promote renewable energy, home insulation, clean transport, reuse and recycling.


Maxine Hubbard
Since moving to our flat in the housing association 10 years ago there was a redevelopment of the local Tesco supermarket where they expanded the car parking and retail area. The fumes from the traffic make it intolerable to be in the house due to the smell, bad air and the fact that we can’t open the windows or have a source of fresh air to let in. Our house is covered in diesel spots which was confirmed by the council’s housing officer.


The Battersea Society
Transport is a major concern – and we have long agitated for improvements to Clapham junction station and improvements to local bus services. We are now finding out about the air quality in our area and the connection with road transport. We are working with LSx who are supporting us in measuring local air pollution. We hope to identify hot spots and a plan of action to tackle these.


Soho Housing Association
A lot has changed in the past 40 years and London is a busy city with lots of traffic. We are concerned about the impact that the traffic might be having on the quality of life and health of our tenants and ourselves. We’d like to explore ways to reduce the flow of traffic and reduce air pollution emissions.


Kensal Rise Residents Association
Over the years we have noticed the steady increase in traffic from Chamberlain Rd. Kensal Rise Residents Association has been in touch with Brent Highways Committee in March this year, and the rationale for this was to ask the Council to develop a traffic management strategy to address the long-standing problems of congestion, poor road safety, noise and air pollution in Kensal Rise.


Mabley Green Users Group
Our park is bordered on the south by the busy A12 and on the north by Homerton High Street. So air and noise pollution are a problem for park users and residents. We are at early stages of awareness but would like to see how we can help improve air pollution in the area and see what the council can do to help.


ClientEarth are the legal driving force behind the Healthy Air Campaign beacuse air pollution is the UK’s invisible killer. We believe that together we can ensure that we all breathe safe, unpolluted air.

Put yourself on the map!

Are you an individual or group interested or taking action on poor air quality? Get in touch with us to share your experience and add yourself to the growing community of groups and individuals that are helping to make our air healthy for all. You will benefit from becoming part of a network of groups which the Healthy Air Campaign will support by providing a stream of useful resources, updates and the opportunity to attend networking and training events.