Cleaner Air 4 Schools Toolkit

In partnership with the Greater London Authority, London Sustainability Exchange have published the Cleaner Air 4 Schools Toolkit for primary schools in London. The toolkit enables primary schools to roll out the Cleaner Air 4 Schools project, with information and activities using citizen science to measure local air pollution, and offering practical information on reducing pupil and teacher exposure to air pollution. Packed full of information and resources, the toolkit will help schools raise awareness of air quality issues in London and deliver behaviour change programmes.

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  1. Clare Walter says:

    Your tool kit looks fantastic. I work in Australia (lung cancer pharmacist at oncology hospital) and have recently become involved in some clean air advocacy work. My eldest daughter has just started primary school (on a busy road). Ideally, I would love to roll a program out in urban Australia similar to this one. Are you able to tell me if you have any established links with international organisations (particularly any in Australia?).

    • Andrea Lee says:

      Thanks for getting in touch, Clare. I’m not aware of any links with Australia I’m afraid or any on that international level. In terms of information the World Health Organisation has a lot of information and also publishes country specific data that may be of use to you. we do work with a number of UK and European organisations but not sure if they would be of use to you. One of our campaign partners is Friends of the Earth but as I understand it does work on different campaigns depending on what country they are in. I would recommend looking into Australian health advocacy groups, e.g. the equivalent of our Asthma UK, British Heart Foundation or British Lung Foundation, to see what information they have on air pollution and any policy statements. As you know the health message is very powerful and if those organisations are not currently engaged on air pollution issues then it would be great to start the process. As an example of local campaign by parents then you might want to have a look at this group: Best of luck!

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