Birmingham get moving

Birmingham Friends of the Earth is today launching a campaign to raise awareness of the dangerous and illegal levels of air pollution in the city and encourage more people to start walking and cycling. What better time than during bike week?

Community members dressed in gas masks have been campaigning outside the Town Hall, to make a strong point about the health impacts of air pollution. Robert Pass, Campaigns Co-ordinator at Birmingham Friends of the Earth, said: “Air pollution is often overlooked, but it is a huge problem, with massive health impacts that we can no longer ignore. Brummies are breathing in a toxic mix of chemicals on a daily basis, largely through traffic related tailpipe emissions.”

The Healthy Air Campaign are really pleased to see more cities getting engaged in this issue, and we plan to work with Birmingham among others in the coming years to establish a strong network of active communities across the UK. This way we can all have a louder voice, and apply more pressure to policy decisions at the UK and EU level.

Are you interested in helping to raise awareness of this public health threat, and helping to tackle air pollution in your area? Get in touch:

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