Air pollution increases risk of low birthweight

A study published today in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine shows exposure to common air pollutants and traffic pollution during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of low birthweight in newborn babies.

Maria Arnold, ClientEarth’s Healthy Air Campaign coordinator, said: “This study provides robust evidence of the links between low birthweight in newborns and air pollution. It’s particularly depressing that this research should be published on the same day as the latest report from the European Environmental Agency, detailing the UK’s pitiful performance on air quality. We need stronger action now.”

“The Healthy Air Campaign welcomes the Lancet’s editorial calling for more radical policy solutions. Low emission zones could be a big part of the solution, if they were used to set ambitious air quality standards. Despite accepting the potential benefits of a national framework of low emission zones, the Government stalls on delivering this, or indeed any significant new measures.”

“How much longer can we watch the reports detailing serious health impacts pour in, and allow the government to do nothing?”

See press coverage from the BBC, Guardian and New Scientist.


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