Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire Alliance

Healthy Air Leicester and Leicestershire is an alliance of local groups and individual campaigners with an interest in improving the air quality in Leicester and Leicestershire. We aim to work together to:
1. Raise awareness of the problem of air pollution and the link to health and wellbeing.
2. Encourage people to make smarter travel choices.
3. Influence policy-makers to take action to reduce air pollution.

About us

We launched the campaign in 2013 with a photo stunt wearing gas masks on a local flyover and we sent out a press release so we were covered in the local paper and interviewed on the local radio station. Since then, we have been contacting local campaign and health groups to encourage them to join the alliance. We responded to the Government’s consultation about removing monitoring requirements. We conducted an online survey of local car drivers to find out what would persuade them to walk, cycle or take the bus and then we circulated the results of the survey. We have also recently run a workshop on air pollution at a local environmental festival, with help from students in the Chemistry department at the University of Leicester.

Contact: Hannah Wakley



Main focus of activity

Air pollution

Main goal

Raising awareness
Behaviour change
Local government policy

Operational level


Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)


Actions taken so far

Local campaigning
Online campaigning
Media outreach
Responding to public consultations

Additional areas of interest

Road safety
Sustainable transport
Public health
Environment and conservation

Sharing and support

Help offered:
Sharing of experiences
Public health advice
Campaigning advice
Help writing consultation responses/letters/press releases
Free campaign resources
Local volunteers

Help needed:
Sharing of experiences
Transport advice
Campaigning advice
Help writing consultation responses/letters/press releases

Photo credit: Mat Fascione CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons